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What is a bid increment?

When someone else places a bid, the site will enter a slightly higher bid for you. The amount the bid increases by is known as a bid increment. Bid increments are lower when the price is low and larger on higher prices. Sometimes you will see bids increase by less than an increment. This means that someone placed a bid slightly higher than your automatic bid amount

FROM        TO           INCREMENT

0.01         - 1.49       0.05
1.50         - 4.99       0.25
5.00         - 24.99     0.50
25.00       - 99.99     1.00 
100.00     -249.99    2.50
250.00     -499.99    5.00
500.00     -999.99  10.00
1000.00 - 2499.99  20.00
2500.00 - 4999.99  50.00
5000.00 - and up   100.00

What is auto extension?

Auctions Auto extension automatically extends the auctions end time by X seconds, if someone bids in the last Y seconds of the auctions duration.

This site is set to extend auction by 5 minutes if  if someone bid during the last 2 minutes. Many online timed auction sites use this to avoid sniping.

What is Item Watch?

Item watch notifies you via email when someone bids on the auctions that you have added to your Item Watch List.

What is a Proxy Bid?

All bids on this site are proxy bids except for "buy in now" items.  Proxy bids are also known as absentee bids.  If you place the maximum you are willing to pay,  the system will place bids on your behalf up to your maximum bid.  In other words, the system bids for you against other bidders.

For example:  some one bid $100 for an item, someone else bid $120 and you bid $500.  When the auction closes, you win the item for $122.50.  This assumes a system with $2.50 bidding increments.  You would only pay the $500 if someone else bid $495 


We are accepting

  •     credit and debit cards
  •     cash
  •     phone payments (425-776-6717)
  •     In person Payments
  •     paypal
  •     paypal combined invoice. You may request that we generate an ivoice  for you via your email address with all your items on one invoice.

Due to the timed auction nature of this site, each listing will be treated as a separate transaction on paypal when the item sells. There will be a payment button for each item.   If you have made multiple purchases,  you may request that the seller create one invoice for you with all the items on one bill sent to your email.

This is purely an auction site - there is no shopping cart feature.


Is there a buyer's premium?

Yes, the buyer's premium is 10% which is taxable

Can I bid incrementally?

This site was designed as a proxy bid site where you place your highest bid and the computer bids for you.  You may place your maximum bid and/or raise your bids up until when the item closes.  Incremental bidding near the end of the auction is possible, but not recommended due to internet delays etc.  If bids are placed within the last two minutes of the auction, the closing time will extend by five minutes.  

IMPORTANT:  If your are bidding incrementally near the item's close, you may watch real time count down clocks by going to 'My control panel'  and click 'Your bids'.  This will show if you are outbid and exactly when the item closes.  There is also real time count down clocks on each individual item listings.  Real time cont down clocks start when the item is in it's last 24 hours. 

The clocks on other parts of the site do not auto-refresh as they to on 'Your bids' and individual listings.  Remember, assorted internet time variance can cause an item to appear available even though it may be closed.

It there count down timers?

Yes, there are count down timers on multiple pages on this site.  They are rounded in hours and most don't auto refresh.  However, during the last 24 hours before an item closes, there are two places where the count down clock runs in real time in seconds.  That is on each item's listing and on the 'Your Bids' page which lists the items you've placed bids on. 

That said, we don't recommend that you wait till the last second to bid on this or any timed auction site.  Network latency, computer speed and various computer clock synchronisations could cause you to miss the winning bid.  A lot may appear available when it actually sold a few seconds ago.....