0 AUCTIONS | Feb 8, 2023 02:52:26
Why can't i sell something?

The State of Washington is one of several states that has complicated sales tax laws that would require this site to collect sales tax on your sales and remit them.  The site becomes what is known as a Marketplace Facilitator.  Our I.T. department is working on extensive revisions to this site that will enable timedbids to allow other sellers on the site.  Once the tax system is established, we will then allow other sellers on this site.  For now selling is not available.

Can I save a listing as a draft?

Yes and no.  During the listing process there is no save as draft feature.  Partially filled in auction listings are not saved.  However, if you set the start date/time into the future, your auction will be saved as pending.  It can then be edited before the auction starts and/or you can manually start the auction if you like.