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Why is there feedback on this site if I can't sell?

We want to eventually open up this site for sellers, but Washington state tax laws are preventing that at this time.  In the meantime, we hope to provide positive feedback for our customers so they will have existing feedback history when and if the site becomes available for sellers.   Feedback is permanent and should be used with discretion. 


To register as a new user, click on Register at the top of the window. You will be asked for your name, a username and password, and contact information, including your email address. You must be at least 18 years of age to register.

  • You will be sent a verification email to complete registration
  • Sometimes verification emals end up in SPAM box
  • User namd and password need to be a minium of 6 characters
  • Required fields are marked with *
Can I get help with registration?

Yes.  If registration isn't working, it may be a problem with your email.  After you complete and submit the registrtion form, an email will be sent to you for verification.  Sometimes these emails may go to a spam folder.  If there are any "typos' in the email address, registration won't complete. 

If it just won't work call or email us and a site administrator will assist with registraion.  . 425-776-6716.  You will need a valid email address.

What is timed bidding?

Timed auctions don’t have an auctioneer calling the bids – there’s just a bidding time period and whoever bids highest during it wins. Each lot can be bid on for a defined time period. At the end of this period, the bidder who has submitted the highest bid wins the lot, provided the bid exceeds any reserve price that may or may not be set.

You bid the most you’re willing to pay – and the computer will  bid for you, only bidding enough for you keep you in the lead.  Your maximum bid is kept secret in our system.

If someone bids higher than your ‘maximum’, we will send you a 'you've been outbid' email to let you know,

The end time will be displayed on the item listing . If a bid is placed in the last few minutes of the defined time period, the time period will be extended to prevent sniping software from taking the bids in the last seconds.  This is somewhat similar to placing a 'last call'.  

Why does the home page never look the same?

The home page displays items that the seller marks as 'feature' in the listing.  The home page shows the items at random.  Each time you enter or refresh the page is will show different items. 

May I contact TimedBids system administrator?




Contact TimedBids

How do I claim my items?

Payments may be made via credit/debit card, paypal  cash and phone payments.  We can also generate a paypal invoice which may be paid online with or without a paypal account and will contain all you auction items.  

If shipping, we will package and include shipping costs in the invoice total.  

Our address is
2031 196th Street SW Suite B105
Lynnwood WA 98036

Phone 425-776-6716

Hours 11am-7pm Monday-Saturday

What is buy now?

Some items have listings with a "buy now" option.  If a customer selects to buy now, the auction item closes immediately and is sold to that customer.  Sometimes items on this site may have a "buy now" option.

There are two types of buy now:
1. BUY NOW: Items marked BUY NOW may be purchased right away before the auction is over.  The BUY NOW price is set by the seller.  If a BUY NOW item receives a bid below the buy now price, the buy now option goes away and the listing becomes an auction.
2. BUY NOW ONLY:  if the seller marks an item BUY NOW ONLY,  the item can’t be bid on.  It will sell to the first person who is willing to pay the seller’s price.

What is the Account Balance shown on my payments page?

This is the buyer's fee charged by the site. Also known at auction st the buyer's premium. There is currently no buyer's fee on this site

Can I view Completed Auctions?

Yes.  This site is currently set to keep completed auctions for 180 days.  There are two ways to view completed listings: 

  1. You may view them on the User's Profile page by clicking the red button that says "View Closed Auctions'.  Get to that page by clicking the seller's name with a feedback score next to it.  This will show all the closed auctions for that seller.  Here is a sample link.   sunsetauction (47)
  2. A preferred way is to use the advanced search button on the top of the home page to search for specific closed auction items.  On this page, be sure to click the "search closed auctions" check box
Is there a buyer's premium?

A buyer's premium of 10% is added to the final price

How does a timed auction work?

Timed auctions don't have an auctioneer calling for bids.  Instead, there's a predetermined time  bidding window and whoever bids highest during it wins. Each lot can be bid on for a defined time period. At the end of this period, the bidder who has submitted the highest bid wins the lot, provided the bid exceeds any reserve that may or may not exist. 

We don't recommend incremental bidding on this site as you would do during a real time auction.  There are areas of this site that don't auto refresh and a lot could close and you may miss it.